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Welcome to Mr. Klossing's Freshman Wellness/IND PE page. Here you will find various ativities from class that we may have already done or are going to do.

You will see that I have attached an activity log and a sleep log in the "Covid 19-break" section. 

1. Healthy Lifestyle Log: Print this and fill it out each day.  I'm sure you will be getting some school work assigned to you over the next days/weeks. Please take a few mental breaks throughout the day to get up and move away from your devices. These movements can be as simple or as complex as you want but whatever you do, log it onto the Healthy Lifestyle Log. Take out the trash, put a load of laundry in, vacuum the house, create a Tik/Tok, walk the dog, play/work out in your yard, shoot baskets in your drive way, play catch with a sibling/parent. Do something, be creative and active and don't forget to log it on the documentI encourage you to use the activities in the RESOURCE FOLDER as exercise options you can do on any day.  

****One requirement while doing the Health Lifestyle Log is that one day a week you pick either 1) one day from The Daily Big 3  OR 2) a WOD from the WOD Choices document OR 3) do the Yoga Day document.  Again, just one day a week, you need to pick one of those Options that you will find in the COVID-19 Break Information tab.  (If you want a real challenge and are competitive, try the WOD Choices)*****  

2. April Sleep Log:  Also in the COVID-19 Break Information Tab is this April Sleep Log that I want you to complete.  (and watch the short related videos that are on the bottom of the worksheet and which are also in the Resources tab of the COVID-19 folder.




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