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Welcome to ASL 1

I am very excited to share the upcoming school year with you- we're going to have a great time!

My name is Mrs. Ramos and I have been signing much of my life. I have worked as a certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Plainfield 202 School District since 2012, and I have taught ASL levels 1-3 at Plainfield North, Plainfield South and Plainfield Central High Schools. This year I will be teaching ASL at Plainfield Central (Go Wildcats!) levels 1, 3 & 4.

My passion for American Sign Language stemmed from interactions with my Grandmother who was Deaf when I was a child. Those experiences helped shape my choices and interests throughout my life. Today, I am the proud parent of 5 wonderful kids, including one daughter who is profoundly Deaf and another daughter who is Hard of Hearing; both girls are fluent in ASL. As you may deduce, for me this is more than just a fun class to teach (although it can be a lot of fun!), it is also very personal. 

This year you will dive in and begin learning the fundamentals of American Sign Language; grammar, linguistics, history, and culture. Through daily practice, games and classroom interactions, come years' end you will be able to independently converse (at least on a basic level) with the "Deaf Community" (a highly respected and fully capable linguistic minority.) 

Please check this page frequently for upcoming assignments, ASL resources, reminders and information. 

I look forward to learning all about you throughout the year and beginning this journey through ASL 1 with you!

~Mrs. Ramos yes



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