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About Mrs. Mattern

About Mrs. Mattern

I have been an educator for over 20 years and have been a teacher at Plainfield Central since 1999. I am currently teaching  Intermediate Algebra and Pre Calculus. In addition my classroom responsibilities, I am in charge of the Junior Class (Prom and the Talent show).

When I am not teaching and doing teacher stuff (lesson plans, grading, creating assessments, worrying...), I enjoy reading, cross stitching, taking walks, and napping. My other full time job is mom to 2 children. I am also a girl scout troop leader (if you need GS cookies in January let me know wink)


I recognize that math can be a struggle...but it is often through struggle that we learn the most. I am here to be an instructor, a facilitator, an encourager, a keeper of the grades. I joke that I have enough enthusiasm for everyone if they are open to the idea of learning math. Together we can do great things in class.


The best way to reach me is through email -

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