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Mrs. Baggot's Website

Mrs. Baggot's Website


Welcome back to 2nd semester!  

Please check this web page often to check for study tools(flash cards and study guides) and updates in the calendar, especially for homework and upcoming quiz/test dates.

If you want to view your homework, please click on your class on the left hand side.  Homework is posted on the calendar under each class site.  You can also view homework with completed notes on Home Access Center.

There is also helpful Khan Academy video links to every lesson on each class site.  Please contact me at my e-mail if you have any questions

I know that all students learn at different paces and with different skills.  I do believe EVERYONE can learn and succeed in math class.  The number one thing you will need to be successful in class is a POSITVIVE attitude and be willing to ASK QUESTIONS!  I am here to help you in every way possible. 

I am available after school Mondays, most Tuesdays, and Thursdays until 3:00 PM.  I will also be in the media center during 5th period to help with the tutoring center, please let me know before showing up so I can assure scheduling with you.

**If you are looking for completed notes, these are on Home Access Center under the homework assignment that correlates to the lesson.


1.  Find out what you missed!  (by asking a friend, ask the teacher, look on the calendar on the class website, look at the homework board when you walk into the classroom)

2.  Copy the notes from a friend, or try to fill them in yourself.  You are responsible for knowing/learning the material from when you were gone.  You can watch the "helpful Khan Academy" videos that are listed on the website, or ask for help during study hall in the TV (Tutoring Venue- in the media center), or make an appointment before/after school with Mrs. Baggot if you have questions.

3.  Complete the homework that was assigned when you were gone, and turn it in to orange bin.

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