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Helpful websites Login: French  Password: teb2014    : This is our textbook website : This website has our vocabulary lists in flashcard format.  Search T'es Branche and the unit you are on.  Some are under MadameRodeck as well This is a great University of Texas website that explains various grammar concepts and provides online comprehension quiz to try after the concept. : verb practice : individualized practice : verb practice used frequently in class.  Each student has a login that they created already! : best online dictionary to use : Canadian French website with some grammar practice

PEARSON TEXT and WORKBOOK : for AP students only

Username: student id

Password: last name in all caps as it appears in TAC.

More resources with explanations:

  • Lawless French 
    • Free website that tests your French knowledge and then sends you 10 free quizzes catered to what you need to improve your French skills.
    • Word a day program for novice to advanced students.
  • French in Action - Free Web Site
    • Produced by Yale University, these video lessons uses the storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman’s adventures in Paris to teach the language.
  • French 1 & French 2 from Carnegie Mellon – French 1 and French 2
    • The French courses are introductory, interactive video-based courses intended for use by university students and independent learners on the Internet. 
  • Ma France - Web Site
    • The BBC offers 24 video lessons that will teach you French.
  • Duolingo French - Web Site
    • A popular free language-learning and crowdsourced text translation platform. As users progress through lessons, they simultaneously help to translate websites and other documents. Check out Duolingo's iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Easy French Poetry - iTunes Free
    • A French as a second language program, using poetry as a topic for discussion using everyday conversational French.
  • France Bienvenue - Web Site
    • A site that focuses on teaching French conversation. The site is written in French, so you will need a little French already under your belt. The site has audios with full transcripts and notes.
  • Foreign Service Institute Basic Course Web site - Spotify
    • The course is designed to enable you to reach conversational proficiency. You learn how to control the French sound system by listening to the tapes and repeating each phrase. The dialogues present natural spoken French in a variety of contexts, such as, greeting people, registering at a hotel, getting a train ticket, and shopping.
  • Foreign Service Institute Basic Course: Phonology – Web Site
    • The Introduction to French Phonology course provides additional drills for those who wish to sound like a native speaker of the language. The course may be used beneficially at any stage of learning the language.
  • Foreign Service Institute French Fast – Web site
    • Designed to familiarize you with situations encountered abroad, and to provide you with the language skills you need to cope effectively with those situations.
  • Foreign Service Institute French: Headstart for Belgium – Web site
    • Textbook and culture notes (PDF) and sixteen audio lessons (PDF).
  • Francolab - Web Site
    • French Canadian site provides resources for language learners and teachers. Includes videos, quizzes, interactive modules, audio-visual presentations, and a wide selection of Canadian programs covering a variety of social and cultural topics.
  • French for Beginners - iTunes Free - Feed
    • Fun, effective lessons for beginners. Provided by the French Ecole.
  • French Beginner's Serial and Oral Course 2016 - YouTube
    • Learn basic French with the Manesca French Course. 91 videos on YouTube.
  • Le Journal en français facile - iTunes Free - FeedWeb Site
    • Nightly news from RFI presented in slowly spoken French to assist you with your comprehension.
  • Learn French - iTunes Free - Feed - Web Site
    • A well-reviewed series of lessons for beginners and those who want to brush up on their French.
  • Learn French in Your Car - Spotify
    • Grammar and vocabulary to beginners, offering guidance in pronunciation and language fundamentals.
  • Learn French with Coffee Break French - iTunes Free - Feed - Web Site
    • The producers of the very popular Coffee Break Spanish now offer a program that will teach you French.
  • Learn French with Daily Lessons - iTunes Free - Feed
    • These lessons are brought to you by French teachers from Paris. They are best suited for those who already have some beginning French under their belts.
  • Learn French with Spotify - Spotify
    • A collection of audio courses on Spotify, that will take you from beginner lessons to advanced conversations--featuring essential travel phrases and vocabulary.
  • Native French Speech Podcast - iTunes Free - Web Site
    • Listen to interesting conversations between Native French speakers and learn about everyday life in France and cultural French topics
  • News in Slow French - iTunes Free - Web Site
    • Program discusses the Weekly News, French grammar, and French expressions in simplified French at a slow pace.
  • Speak and Read French - Spotify
    • Three albums of a French language course, Speak and Read French, created by Armand Bégué, a professor at Brooklyn College and his wife, Louise Bégué, in 1959. For basic and intermediate levels.
  • Talk French - Web Site
    • A lively introduction to French presented by the BBC.
  • University of Texas: Francais interactif – Web Site
    • UT provides a series of interactive vocabulary lessons. Media can be downloaded from the site.


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