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Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler's Home Page

Hello everyone!    Thank you for visiting our web page.  

Please check the folder (to the left) that has information needed for our extended break from school.  In the folder, you will find:  Study Guide to complete over the break, notes that were taken in class on 3/16/20, and a copy of the Unit 5 formula sheet.  ** NEW**  Also, we just posted the Unit 5 Part 1 Study Guide/Review Answer key so you can check your answers. We will post more information as needed.

Over the break, you are encouraged to complete the Unit 5 Part 1 Study Guide/Review packet.  It will not be graded for points, however, it will be beneficial for you to complete it in preparation for the Unit 5 Part 1 test.  We will post an answer key at a later date so that you can know if you did it correctly or not.  

If you have missing work from any point in the semester, you may complete it over the break.   The only exception is study guide/review packets.  Those are no longer eligible for points.   If you were absent on the day the homework was collected, your absence must have been "excused" in order for you to complete it late and get points.   Please take a photo of the work, and submit it by email to Mrs. Link or Mrs. Ziegler.  (email addresses below).  In order to receive credit, you must:  put your name at the top, put a header at the top of the page listing the page number and questions completed, and you must SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK.

Mrs. Link's email address:

Mrs. Ziegler's email address:


Instructions for accessing our textbook online:

Class Textbook:  SpringBoard Geometry, College Board

Access Code for Student Textbook: QTACRA


Be safe, and be well!

- Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler


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