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You are allowed 2 Pre-Schedule College Visits a school year. Make sure to use them wisely and bring proof back to school proving you were where you said you were. A note from an admissions counselor will work just fine. For a Pre-Arranged Absence form click here.

Make sure you are taking advantage of open houses that are scheduled on weekends and days that school is not in session (Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, etc.). Always visit before you make a decision to attend there. Always make sure you are asking good questions during these visits. You don't want to leave with more questions marks then when you arrived. For a list of good questions to ask on a college visit click here.

You have to make sure the college you are visiting is a good fit for you and encompasses everything that you are looking for:

  • Does it fit your financial budget?
  • Does it aling with my academic goals?
  • Do they offer extra-curricular activites that I am looking for or to help me along my career path?
  • Does it feel right when I step on campus?


Remember, don't worry about if you are good enough for a specific college. Turn it around and think "Is this college good enough for me". 

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