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Local Unions in our Area

*Be sure to contact your local union with specific questions regarding application openings and deadlines. 


Boilermaker- Works with boilers and vats

Local 1- (773) 247 – 5225


Bricklayer- Builds with brick, cinder block, or concrete block.

Local 74: (630) 734-0074


Cabinetmaker- Builds cabinets and furniture using hand and power tools.


Carpenter- Works at a variety of building tasks using hand and power tools.

Local 174: (847) 640-7373


Cement Mason- Lays and finishes concrete using hand and power tools.


Construction Driver- Hauls and unloads material and equipment to and from construction job sites.


Drywall Finisher- Prepares drywall surfaces for painting and papering.


Electrician- Installs and maintains electrical wiring and apparatus.

Local 176: (815) 741- 2758


Floor Coverer (Resilient)- Installs hardwood flooring, soft tile, linoleum, and carpeting.


Glazier- Works with all types of glass and glass substitutes.

Local 27: (708) 443-9000


Insulator- Installs insulation to protect against heat and cold.

Local 17: (708) 468-8000


Millwright- Installs escalators and other conveyor systems, generators and electrical turbines.


Operating Engineer- Operates heavy equipment like bulldozers, power shovels, graders, and derricks.

Local 150: (815) 722- 3201


Painter/Decorator- Applies paint and paper to outdoor and indoor walls.

Make an appt: (708) 449-5282


Patternmaker- Makes metal foundry patterns, core boxes and match plates.


Pipefitter- Installs and repairs low- and high-pressure pipe systems.

Local 597: (708) 326-9240


Plasterer- Applies plaster to interior walls and ceilings.

Local 5: (708) 489- 9900


Plumber- Installs and maintains pipe and water systems.

Local 130: (312) 421-1028


Roofer- Installs and repairs a variety of roof surfaces.

(708) 246-4488


Sheet metalworker- Works with sheet metal products such as ventilation units.

Local 265: (630) 668-0110


Sprinkler Fitter- Installs fire-protection Systems.

Local 281: (708) 597-1800


Structural Ironworker- Assembles, installs and maintains iron and sheet structures.


Tuckpointer- Erects scaffolding, shoring and braces, and seals outside surfaces.


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