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Searching for Colleges that fit your needs can be an exhausting task. Luckily there are tools out there that can help make the your search as painless as possible.

We have been speaking to our students for the past three years about Naviance-Family Connections. It is a great web-based resource to help with all of your post-secondary planning. It has an amazing college search tool on there called the "Supermatch" College Search. This college search engine helps you figure out what college is right for you based on locations, major, size, location, and many more factors that you are looking for in a college. The more information you put in the better the results. You can also save your results so you can go back and look at the list of colleges it comes up for you.

Follow the directions below to get started:

1. Click here for the log in sceen

     -Username is student ID number

     -Password is what you chose the first time you logged on with counselors; if you have forgotten it meet with your counselor to have it reset

2. Once you are logged in click on the "Colleges" tab towards the top of the page

3. Then under "College Research" click on "Supermatch college search"

4. Once you are here you can start putting in all the factors going into your college search. 



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