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StuCo Outreach meeting notes January 23

Student Council Outreach Group                                               January 23, 2019 Notes

What did we want to pursue after our December meeting?

  • Notice when people have ‘off’ days and respond to them.
  • Perform random acts of kindness.

What are some things we tried to do after that meeting?

  • Be kinder to others.
  • Say hello to others more in the hallways.

More ideas to pursue:

  • Talk to more people who seem quieter.
  • Offer to be someone’s work partner in class.
  • (Staff) Provide more group work opportunities in class.
    • Partners can even be groups of three.
  • Give compliments to others.
  • Show nice gestures to those who seem shy.
  • Take notice of the interests of others to help with conversation starters.
  • Try to show more open (inclusive) body language when in groups of people in hallways, open areas, etc.
  • Ask for a segment on “Fielder Friday” or develop our own videos to give tips to others as to how to include others.
  • Musical tables at lunch- prizes? Move to different tables to play different games/challenges.
  • Have teachers share personal experiences about how they struggled or included others as teens- may film segment for Fielder Friday or our own videos?
  • Assembly to spread tips on how to include people
    • Study halls
    • Kahoot
    • Games/prizes
    • Student speakers
    • Guest speakers
  • Schedule a meeting with Mr. Stephens
    • Can we talk at teacher meetings to let teachers know what we think?
    • Can we use the TVs to share quotes?
    • Can we work with the morning announcements?
    • Every-other week assemblies/games in study halls?
    • Concerns about teachers who refuse to show Fielder Fridays?
    • Study halls compete against one another?
    • Can Student Council have student-body activities in the summer?
    • Have a special meet and greet a few days before the school year begins?

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