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Social Media Chairperson responsibilities

Social Media Chairperson

PHS qualifications:

1)  Must have a minimum GPA of 4.00 and A’s in all math classes taken at PHS (geometry may be excused from that requirement).

2) Position is for one semester, but if duties are met satisfactorily, it will be renewed for second semester.

3) Will be the student leader for the winter dance. (This will start in 2019-2020 school year.)

 (This is not a position listed with the national STUCO, and this will be a work in progress) For now, this is the very basic expectation of the position:

In charge of maintaining a Student Council page on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for the purposes of posting and showcasing Student Council events. In addition, when appropriate, these sites will be used to find out the needs of the student body and once needs are determined, votes may be taken through polls to determine whether action should be taken by the Student Council in terms of perceived student needs.

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