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Senior Class President responsibilities (2019 and beyond)

Senior class president expectations

Being the senior class president is a very prestigious honor, and one that will give that person invaluable leadership experience. In addition, it is an excellent resume item for college and possibly for an eventual career. We only want a serious candidate who will have the requisite dedication that the senior class deserves. This position in not a guarantee for the entire year- the president must remain in good standing and the president’s performance will be evaluated monthly, based on the requirements in this document. Should the president be negligent in his or her duties, the position will be vacated, and if time allows, offered to another student. Whomever is the senior class president in April will be able to claim that role and be recognized by the Student Council as such in terms of using it on college credentials.

Please understand that a great leader does not have to be the hardest working person- actually, a great leader delegates work to others while following up to make sure that those helping out are staying on top of their responsibilities. For example- if you are working on getting the senior class apparel project completed and you have an October 15 deadline for the shirt design, you will want to have delegated off part of that role no later than September 5th. When explaining to anyone you assign a role to, you will need to give them deadlines that end well before your personal deadline. So, you would tell the student(s) working on the design that they have to report back to you on (example dates) September 15th, 25th, and October 5th and 10th. Therefore, you will not have any last-minute issues. Also, if your helpers are falling behind, you can assign different students to take over.

Aside from any of the requirements if you are one of the executive Student Council officers (see the Student Council homepage for details), the senior class president has six pressing matters to deal with during senior year:

Note: For any of these items, Mr. Coventry is here to work with you. You can always ask for help/guidance!

  1. Homecoming: You will be instrumental in making sure the senior class is represented properly in the class Olympic games. There are already plans put in place as to how this will happen, so you merely need to meet with Mr. Coventry no later than September 1st to go over the plan. Then you will have to prepare your timeline and plan and share it with Mr. Coventry no later than September 4th.
    1. As you complete items on the timeline, you are expected to report back to ensure all is running smoothly.
    2. If you have any questions or need any help, you are expected to ask Mr. Coventry for help.
    3. You will help seniors stay on track and in the proper place during the assembly.
  2. Senior apparel: Working with your fellow student council seniors and/or any members of the senior class who are interested, you are expected to lead the group toward designing and then setting up ordering of the clothing items that your classmates will be able to purchase.
    1. Note: Mr. Coventry always has apparel magazines that are sent to high schools and you are welcome to use those. Otherwise, there are plenty of resources for this online. However, if there are other ways you and the senior class would like to design the clothing items, that is at your discretion.
      1. Don’t be shy to ask Mr. Coventry for direction, if you are unsure how to lead your classmates to a decision.
    2. There will be benchmark dates that you must meet- failure to do so will result in the removal of the senior class president. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not wait until the last minute, in case you become ill or have some reason you cannot meet this deadline.
      1. October 15- shirt must be designed.
      2. October 29- company must be selected and contacted with pricing secured.
      3. November 5th- Ordering instructions must have been made available to the senior class.
      4. November 8th: Ordering is available for all seniors online with a deadline of December 3rd.
    3. Once the clothing arrives, you will develop a distribution plan and share it with Mr. Coventry by December 5th. (You may ask for help with this).
  3. Deciding upon the senior class: song, motto, quote and color.
    1. These will be due to Mr. Coventry no later than February 1st.
    2. You may work on this (and complete it) as early as you want in the year, but if you don’t deal with it first semester, you will want to address it immediately when we return from winter break.
    3. By January 10th (if not completed already) you will need to provide Mr. Coventry and update of your planning process as to 1) how you will ask the senior class for suggestions (study halls, school announcements, et, 2) deadlines for ideas how you will set up voting (student council only or entire senior class).
    4. No later than February 1st, submit a list of final choices to and copy Mr. Coventry on the email.
  4. Senior Banquet: You will primarily work with classmates to decide on the menu and then during the week of the event, you will have quite a bit to do.
    1. By January 31, you will decide what the menu for the banquet will be. You can either work with Mr. Coventry and/or the banquet director from the banquet hall.
    2. No later than April 1st, you will contact Mrs. Nieckula from “The Fielder” and find out when the ‘senior survey’ will take place and when the results will be finalized.
    3. You will also ask her if a student from the newspaper would like to help you present the awards. (You, or another StuCo member you choose will also present the awards).
    4. You will type out the awards- Mr. Coventry has a template file you will use. When finished, you will email the file to him so he can have them printed for the banquet.
    5. Once the awards are printed, you will receive them back, so you can make sure they are in the order you want for the banquet. You will then return them to Mr. Coventry and he will bring them to the banquet.
  5. One senior class project : You will work with your classmates to get one special event planned, coordinated, and completed.
    1. Idea submitted to Mr. Coventry no later than October 15th along with proposed timeline of tasks leading up to the actual event.
    2. All items on the timeline are completed on time.
  6. If all of the  items above have been completed successfully, you will give a speech on graduation day. Of course (including the senior banquet) some of the criteria will not be completed, but as long as you’re in good standing with all that needs to be done, you will remain in line to give the speech. The following deadlines must be met:
    1. January 31- rough draft of your speech turned in to Mr. Coventry.
    2. February 28- updated rough draft turned into Mr. Coventry.
    3. April 1- Practice your speech with Mr. Coventry at a scheduled time.
    4. May 1- Second practice of your speech with Mr. Coventry at a scheduled time.

Finally, you will be expected to attend all Student Council meetings (there are only two per month) with no more than two excused absences (Mr. Coventry notified before the meeting begins). A list of meeting dates will be provided in August, and any meetings that have the date changed may be missed as long as Mr. Coventry has been notified before the meeting begins.

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