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Scholarships are monetary awards based on various criteria.  The do not have to be repaid.  There are many ways to search for scholarships.  However, our number one suggestion is to not pay money for a service to search for you.  There are many scholarships available, if you put in the time and effort.  We recommend the following to help you in your search:


1. Register with a free database.

  • A couple of the most common databases are or  These databases will require students to create an account.  We recommend students to create a college email since there will be lots of emails generated from these accounts.  These sites do a great job searching the national scholarships that exist.


2. Check Naviance-Family Connections weekly. 

  • Naviance-Family Connections has a scholarship section under the “college” tab.  As we receive scholarship information in student services, we are updating this information.  We recommend students to look regularly, since this will be undated continually throughout the school year, starting in November.


3. Research the schools to which you are applying

  • Lots of colleges offer scholarship that are merit- or talent-based.  Many will review your eligibility from your initial application, some may require a separate application.  Students can initially look at our notes within Naviance-Family Connections on each college, but should also look at the colleges’ websites to see what options are available to them.


4. Check into your community

  • Many employers, credit unions, religious organizations, and community-based organizations offer scholarships.  Be sure to ask the groups you are connected with to see if they offer scholarships.


Additional scholarship resources:



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