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Online Gaming

Safe Online Gaming

•Beware of hidden cost associated with games….some games require buying the game and monthly fees, plus additional fees for game accessories
•Online gaming can become addictive.  Kids can lose interest in friends, school and other activities.  Kids turn their backs on their friends preferring to be involved with their online friends.  Health issues occur and kids even can take on a virtual persona.
•Online games can provide exposure to online predators
• Risk from computer intruders exploiting security vulnerabilities.  Gaining access to personal information, stealing credit card information, or even stealing your identity.
•Malicious users might be able to control the gamers’ computer remotely and use it to attack other computers or install programs such as Trojan horses, adware, or spyware, or gain access to personal information.  Also, the gamers’ computer can then be used to send out malicious code

Key practices of good personal computer security include the following:

•Use antivirus and antispyware programs.
•Be cautious about opening files attached to email messages or instant messages.
•Verify the authenticity and security of downloaded files and new software.
•Configure your web browsers securely.
•Use a firewall.
•Identify and back up your personal or financial data.
•Create and use strong passwords.
•Patch and update your application software.

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