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1. Make sure you have turned in your signed copy of the Official Transcript Release Form to Student Services before any transcript can be sent


2. Once you know where you are applying to go to Family Connections in order to request your transcript be sent

     -Click here for the log in sceen

     -Username is student ID number

     -Password is what you chose the first time you logged on with counselors; if you have forgotten it meet with your counselor to have it reset


3. Once logged on click on the the "Colleges" tab


4. Then click on "Colleges I'm Applying To"


5. In the middle of the page click on "+add to this list"


6. On this page you will request where you want your transcripts sent

     -You will click on the "lookup" to choose the college/institution you are requesting

     -Then click on the boxes underneath that apply to your situation (request transcript, submitted my application, include test scores, etc.)

     -Once you have finished adding all your colleges scroll down and click on "Add Colleges"


7. Once this has been done the counselor will see your request and send them electronically. Even though this is a faster method it still may take the college a week or two to process the transcript once they receive it.


8. If you are applying via Common Application you must match your account to Family Connections. When you click "Colleges I'm Applying To" it is the first box you see labeled "Common App Account Matching". This must be done otherwise we cannot send your transcript. Again this only applies if you are applying to colleges via the Common Application.

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