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Not Eligible?

If you have not met all the Division I academic requirements, you may not compete in your first year at college. However, if you qualify as an academic redshirt you may practice during your first term in college and receive an athletics scholarship for the entire year.

Academic Red Shirt Qualificiations

Complete 16 Core Courses:

English: 4 years

Math (alg 1 or higher): 3 years

Science: 2 years

Four additional years of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foriegn Language.

2.0 GPA in your Core Courses. 

Earn  SAT combined score or ACT sum score matching your core-course GPA on the Division I sliding scale.

If you are concerned that you will not meet the Division 1 Requirements talk with your school counselor and check-in withe the admissions office of your prospective school. 

Credit Recovery classes will most likely not be accepted toward your Core Courses.


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