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Letters of Recommendation are an important part of your college application. Not all college applications require them so it is your job to check and see if you need them and how many. If you find that you need Letters of Recommendation you can request them through Naviance-Family Connections so the teacher can upload them and send them in electronically. Please follow these rules when requesting them:


1. Talk with your teacher or coach in person first before requesting them through Naviance-Family Connections. Give them at least 2-3 weeks to write you a good Letter of Recommendation. Don't ask them the day before it is due.


2. Once you have spoken with them in person go to Naviance-Family Connections and request it electronically. Click here to log on


3. Once you have logged on click on "Colleges I'm Applying To" and scroll all the way down to the "Letters of Recommendation" area


4. Click on the blue and underlined "Letters of Recommendation Section" and it will take you to where you can request one


5. Click on "Add Request" and it will ask you who you want to request write you a Letter of Recommendation. Every teacher in the school is on the list.


6. After that tell them what school you want them to write a the letter for (i.e, just a specific school or all the schools you are applying to)

If you are asking someone who is not a teacher or coach at Plainfield Central High School to write you a Letter of Recommendation then they will have to mail it in to the college. 

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