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Keynote speaker notes                                David J Flood

Opening talk

  • We have lonely kids in schools who are surrounded by others.
  • Recognize loneliness in others and show them dignity, compassion and respect.
  • Loneliness is toxic
  • Loneliness equates with danger
  • We need to look behind the external (the skin is just wrapping paper)
  • We tend to act differently in large groups
    • We fear losing acceptance by the group
    • We will do anything to be a part of the group
    • We will sell out our personal values to belong
    • Gossip dies if nobody listens
  • Be careful what you say in front of others because someone always hears you
  • Make a personal rule that ‘no one eats alone’ unless you ask and they prefer it that way.
  • When we perform a good act, a serotonin boost goes to:
    • The giver
    • The receiver
    • Any witness
  • When you learn something powerful that can change the way things are, not only should you commit to doing it, but also commit to sharing it with others.

Closing talk

  • The main question is: ‘Would I follow me?’
    • The secondary question is ‘How can I serve?’
  • It’s OK to not be OK- it’s more normal than you think.
  • What can I do to make the moment better for you?
    • What can I do the make the moment better for both of us?
  • Before you build a wall around yourself- be careful to know what you’re walling in and what you’re walling out.
  • The greatest kindness in in what we let go.
  • Allow the people you love to be imperfect.
  • Give others the same break that you wish the world would give you.
  • Leaders build a bank account of kindness and draw on it when others are unkind to you.

Breakout session notes

Leadership Skills

  1. Honesty/integrity
  2. Confidence, but not arrogance
  3. Know your subject and be silent if you don’t
  4. Leaders create the most leaders- they aren’t the ones with the most followers
  5. Master humility
  6. Commitment to passion
    1. Be passionate what you talk about
    2. Be compassionate toward others
    3. Start with your struggle when sharing
  7. Communicate well verbally and nonverbally
  8. Stick with your decisions and live with the consequences
  9. Be accountable for your words and actions
  10. Empower others- all great leaders do
  11. Be creative
  12. Show empathy (“I know how you feel”)
  13. Loss is loss (death, moving away, etc- all loss promotes the same internal feeling)
    1. Use your pain to heal others
  14. Find out what someone’s ‘thing’ is

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