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What is Financial Aid?

  • Given, earned, or borrowed money to pay for college
  • Students are primarily responsible for funding education
  • Financial aid helps fill gap between contritbution and total cost
  • There are two types of aid: Gift Aid and Self-Help Aid
  • Gift Aid
    • Grants--Need based aid
    • Scholarships--Merit, athletics, extra-curricular activities, etc.
  • Self-Help Aid
    • Work Study--Money earned from need-based employment
    • Loans--Borrowed money that must be repaid


What is FAFSA?

1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid

2. Determines a student's Expected Family Contribution

3. It is available October 1st of a students Senior Year in high school and must be filled out every year your are in college

4. Use Prior-Prior year tax information; taxes from two tax returns ago

5. Go to to fill out the online application

6. If you are a male student (18-25) and have not registered for the Selective Service you can do this through FAFSA

7. Students and parents will need to create an FSA ID for their FAFSA 


Please click on the website links listed below. It is a step by step process for how to fill out your FAFSA Forms.

Overiew of the Financial Aid Process

FAFSA Overview

Creating your FSA ID

How to fill out FAFSA

Determing Dependency Status

FAFSA Tips for Parents

After the FAFSA: What Happens Next?


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