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Q. When should I apply?

A. As close to October 1st, 2019 as possible.


Q. Can I edit the FAFSA after I submit it? (including adding a school you may attend)

A. YES! Log into your account click on “Make FAFSA Corrections” enter your FSA ID, make any updates, and then hit submit.


Q. When should I expect my financial aid package from the school I have applied to?

A. Usually, you can expect to receive your financial aid package in March or April.


Q. Am I Dependent or Independent?

A. Most students are considered dependents. In order to be considered an independent student you must be able to say yes to one of the following: Born before 1997? Are you Married? Are you a veteran? Do you have children that receive more than half of their support from you? At any time since you turned 13 were both of your parents deceased, were you in foster care, or were you a dependent or ward of the court? Are you an emancipated minor?


Q. What if my parents are divorced or separated?

A. If they do not live together—answer the questions about the parent with whom you lived more during the past year. If they do live together— mark their marital status as “unmarried and both legal parents living together” and answer the questions about both of them.

A2. If you have a stepparent who is married to the legal parent whose information you are reporting, lyou must provide information about the stepparent as well.


Q. What if my parents are not citizens?

A. You should enter all 0’s for him or her on the FAFSA form where is asks for Social Security Number. (Your parent will not be able to create an FSA ID without a SSN, therefore, in order to submit your FAFSA you must print it and mail it)


If specific circumstances occur call the Financial Office of the school you plan on attending for more information and further assistance.


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