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Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites 

Using the Web well takes more than just knowing how to Google. To use the web wisely and efficiently, consider these six points:

Authority: Who are the authors of the Web page, or who is responsible for it? What gives them their authority or expertise to write?

Accuracy: Do you have good reason to believe that the information on the site is accurate? Are the facts documented?

Objectivity: What is the author's point of view? What is the purpose of the site?

Currency: When was the information on the page originally written? Has the site been kept up-to-date?

Coverage: Does this site address the topic you are researching? Is the information basic and cursory or detailed and scholarly? However complex the language might be, is the information substantial?

Value:  Was the page worth visiting? Does the site offer anything informative, unique, or insightful? Is the site free of careless errors, misspelled words, and poor grammar?


 Here are some resources for additional information and examples:

University of California Berkeley - Evaluating web pages: Techniques to apply and questions to ask.



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