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High school graduates may decide that they want to find full-time employment and start bringing home a regular paycheck.  Certain things should be done before beginning the job hunt. 

1. Discover your interests.  Reflect on past part-time jobs, volunteer work, and everyday tasks that were enjoyable. 

2. Explore job options.  Find out what types of jobs are available to high school graduates who have little or no further training.  

3. Conduct informational interviews.  Sit down and talk to someone who is currently working in a job that might be of interest.  

4. Network.  Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have any connections to help find a job.  This may be the best way to find employment, because the majority of jobs are not advertised. 


With some of the initial work out of the way, it is time to start getting organized. 

1. Write a resume.  Be sure to stress education, part-time and summer jobs, clubs, and awards.  

2. Locate job openings. Use a combination of the following resources:

  •      Local newspaper 
  •      Internet 
  •      Local library 
  •      Employment centers 
  •      Family, friends, and neighbors 

4. Apply for a job.  This usually means submitting a cover letter, resume, and job application.  

5. Prepare for the interview.  Research the company and job before going on the interview.  Also, rehearse some answers to possible interview questions.  

6. Follow-up. Write a thank you note.  This helps remind employers who you are and lets them know that you are still interested in the job.


Have a five-year plan.  Students who choose employment as their post-high school option should have a five-year plan.  This will insure that they do not get trapped in a dead-end job.  These students should also realize that they could go back to school anytime, even if it’s only to take a course or tow.  High school counselors enjoy seeing former students and will be happy to provide information on educational opportunities.

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