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****Please Click Here for 2023-2024 Course Selection Information and Documents****

2022-2023 Curriculum Guide


Course Selection and Registration can be a stressful time in a students life if they are unsure of the courses they are eligible to take. At the beginning of 2nd semester the counselors present to the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman about how the course registration process works, graduation requirements, and what classes they should be taking each year if they are thinking about college. We also go through the course registration schedule so they know when they will be meeting with us in the auditorium. Counselors are very busy around this time so scheduling appointments with us will be very tough. We encourage everyone to sketch out a 4 year plan so you have an idea of the classes you want to take versus the classes you have to take and make sure you can fit them all in. Meeting with us 1st semester is always the best time to talk about your upcoming course choices and that 4 year plan. 


Once we gather all the students information the master schedule begins to be worked on. It is an arduous process that takes a couple of months (at least) to complete. We stress with the students to choose classes they definitely want to take next year, and not classes they are on the fence about. We are very limited to the types of changes we can make once the schedule is created so the classes students pick are the ones they intend to take next year. We build the schedule based on the selections that they students make so make sure to put a lot of thought into what you are choosing when you meet with your counselor. 


If you have questions about the process or about what a certain class is please click on the documents below. We have everything from course sequences, graduation requirements, curriculum guide, and summer school information. If you do need to reach out to your counselor during course selection time please email first.



Course Sequence and Graduation Requirements (Core Classes)

Creative Arts Course Sequence and Pre-Requisites



22-23 Freshmen Forms

Physical Form

Freshmen Curriculum Guide

Freshmen Course Electives- Quick Glance

Declination Form



22-23 Sophomore Forms


Drivers Education Options/Form

AP US History Informational Sheet

Declination Form


22-23 Junior Forms

Declination Form


22-23 Senior Forms

Early Graduation Application 

Early Release/Late Start Application 

Rhetoric Information/Placement Test 

JJC Dual Credit Math Information 

JJC Dual Credit Math Placement Test 

Declination Form


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