Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler's Home Page

Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler's Home Page

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler's Home Page!  Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler have been co-teaching together for the past 13 years!  We are very excited to have you in our classroom**.  Please visit this web page often to check test/quiz dates, as well as access study tools for the class.  We post Flash Cards regularly, and these are VERY helpful in studying for our tests/quizzes.  Don't wait until the last minute!  Studying the flash cards a few minutes each day can greatly help increase your knowledge of the material, and in turn, improve your test/quiz scores.   Mrs. Link and Mrs. Ziegler understand that all students face various challenges, obstacles, and learn in different ways and at different paces.  However, we believe that ALL students can be successful in our classroom.  Bring your POSTITIVE ATTITUDE, and be ready to WORK HARD, and Mrs. Link/Ziegler will help you do the rest!  Let's have a great school year!  Go Wildcats :)

** Mrs. Link's 5th period class is taught only by Mrs. Link, and is not co-taught.

Class Textbook:  SpringBoard Geometry, College Board

Access Code for Student Textbook: CKSMQA