Dance 2

In this fun and inspiring course, concepts and units from Dance 1 are built upon to take to the next level.  Dance 2 has a prerequisite of Dance 1 for this reason.  Students in Dance 2 should have dance experience (an understanding of the elements of dance, seven movements of dance, and history of ballet, jazz, and hip hop)  and be ready to move at a faster pace than in Dance 1.  A good guideline is that if a student can execute a double pirouette accurately, they are ready for this course.   Dance 2 focuses on more advanced jazz and hip hop and goes in depth into modern and contemporary.  Choreography is also studied, applying more advanced tactics to create dance works with depth, meaning, and intention.  History of genres is studied and a student showcase is held in the spring.  As stated in the curriculum guide, there is a fee for this course second semester to cover costumes for the dance showcase.  This is an excellent course for those wishing to pursue college dance, musical theater, acting, showchoir, and for current Pomcats, Cheerleaders, and Colorguard.