Media Center Procedures

Media Center Procedures

•All students must have their CURRENT ID to enter the Media Center. They must scan their ID in the Student Log Attendance program.  (Students are required, by the School Board,  to carry their student ID at all times while they are in school) 
•Students coming to the Media Center as a class with their teacher do not need to scan their ID.  The teacher will take attendance.
•Students may come directly to the Media Center instead of going to study hall or lunch.  They must have a pass from an academic teacher and they must have their ID and scan in on the Student Log Attendance  program.  Once in the Media Center they must stay until the next bell. Students must arrive at the Media Center before the end of the passing period.  Any student who arrives after the bell has rung and does not have a pass will not be allowed in and must return to study hall/lunch. No passes back to study hall/lunch will be given.
•Students who misbehave will be sent back to study hall, lunch or class.  

•On the days that there are two classes in the Media Center, study hall/lunch students will be asked to return to study hall/lunch.  There will be large signs posted outside each of the Media Center doors as an alert that the Media Center is closed to Study Hall/Lunch students.

•During periods 4, 5, and 6 the Media Center will follow the same rules as Study Halls:

            1. No talking

            2. No eating or drinking

            3. No personal electronic devices

1.Students may check out up to 5 books.
2.The books are checked out for three weeks
3.Students may renew a book one time if done so before the due date.
4.There is a $ .25 a day fine for overdue books
5.Students who owe fines, may not check out more books until the fine is settled.
6.We do not charge for weekends, holidays or any other days students are not in school.
7. Students are not allowed to check out Reference Books.
8.Any book that is declared lost and charged to the student's account cannot be returned for a refund.

•Testing Center Procedures
◦The testing center is available during periods 1-7 for makeup tests.  
◦Prior arrangements must be made with the academic teacher 
◦Students must present a current ID in order to receive their test.
◦No pass is necessary for admittance to the testing center.  
◦Students are allowed to bring a lunch in to the testing center if their test spans both the study hall and lunch periods