D. 202 receives lead/water test results for 33 schools, facilities

District 202 has completed testing of 3,675 water sources in its 33 schools and facilities in response to a new state law regulating lead in school water.

As of August 10, 2017, about 98 percent (3,610) of those water sources were below the new state safety standard of five parts per billion. Sixty-five sources (about 2 percent) are non-compliant.

Lead removal filters are being installed on the 65 non-compliant water sources. Those sources will be re-tested before the first day of school on August 17, 2017. Any water sources still out of compliance will not be used until they are remediated and pass a re-test. 

The 65 non-compliant sources include six drinking fountains at four schools, and 59 sinks scattered throughout 15 schools.

The drinking fountains are at Wesmere Elementary (one); Indian Trail Middle School (one); Plainfield Academy (three); Plainfield South High School (one, by tennis court).

The sinks are at Indian Trail Middle School (five); Eichelberger Elementary School (two); Creekside Elementary School      (five); Ira Jones Middle School (one); Walker’s Grove Elementary School (five); River View Elementary School (two); Drauden Point Middle School (seven);

Aux Sable Middle School (seven); PHSCC (one); Grand Prairie Elementary School (seven); Timber Ridge Middle School (one); Wesmere Elementary School six; Lakewood Falls Elementary School (three); PEHS (three); PSHS (four).

Complete test results for all 33 District 202 facilities are posted on the front page of the District 202 website.

Testing started in early May. Test results were initially expected in late June but were delayed by the limited number of companies licensed to perform testing and the number of buildings statewide requiring testing.

The new law, effective January 1, 2017, requires water sampling by December 31, 2017 in schools serving preschool through fifth grade students built before January 1, 1987. 

The new law also requires testing by December 31, 2018 in schools serving children from preschool through grade 5 built between January 2, 1987 and January 1, 2000. 

The law does not address schools built after 2000 or schools serving students in grades 6-12. However, the General Assembly can change the law until June 30, 2019.

Nineteen of District 202’s 30 schools, and the Freshman Center at Plainfield High School – Central Campus opened in 2000 or later, during the district’s heavy growth period from 1997-2008.

District 202 opted to test the water in all of its facilities at once rather than wait until the December 31, 2017 mandated deadline.

Environmental Services Inc. (ESI) of LaGrange, Illinois conducted the testing. To date, the testing has cost $184,342.96.